Open Weekend and Weird Food

I'm actually staring straight ahead into a wide-open weekend. I know....I'm shocked, too.

I'll probably wind up painting canvases, etc for community theatre. Or maybe hunting for props. And, I can always manage to fill time at the Goodwill (I visited the Salvation Army near my mom's house three times in a 7-day visit. I was smitten ... they chromatically arrange all their clothes! Seriously ... nine feet of red turtlenecks on a rack, followed by the whole OYGBIV. Then long-sleeved shirts, then short-sleeved. Corduroys ... a rainbow of corduroys! How could I not?)


We're "supposed to" take down all our Christmas lights and outdoor decorations. But as our weekend forecast looks like a whole lots of Blech with some Eeeew thrown in, I don't see it happening. We'll likely wind up playing a lot of board games. Which is all good.

Maybe I'll make some ridiculously creative food that will take so long to prepare and plate that I won't then allow anyone to touch it, let alone consume it. (I'm especially unclear what's going on in this one, but it's definitely about to get unpleasant for someone involved. And does this have some hidden meaning that's eluding me?

I should dig up pics of my Spam sculpture of Duquense University theatre professor, John Lane. Maybe I could submit them for inclusion.

Looked just like him, honest.


PS. Also this Stories told in just Six Words intrigues me a lot. Some famous folks in there, too.

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