Wednesdays are a Bit of All Right

I have always kind of liked Wednesdays. I usually still have enough energy saved up from over the weekend, and I'm in the groove of working and I get stuff done.

But, this term Wednesdays are going to be by far the longest day of my week. Joe is in classes up at Drexel until 9p.m. Once he gets to the parking lot and drives home, it'll be well after 10. Ten o'clock is usually when i start thinking about wrapping up my evening and going to bed.

And as Joe is still asleep when i leave for work in the morning ... I'm gonna miss him.

So, although I always rather liked Wednesdays, now I'm feeling kind of conflicted about them. One thing's for sure ... after these long Wednesdays, Thursdays are going to draaa-a-a-aa--g.



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