Welcome to 2009!

I plan to do a lovely and fantastic photo-laden 2008 Highlights post (like Chris & Kristin did), but I don't have access to any of my photos right now. Or maybe I'll just pdf our Christmas letter and post it ... but again that has to wait until I get home.

Yeah, we're still in NW Pennsylvania. Until today. Going home today! (which is a good thing, despite it meaning we have to leave all this snow behind)

No, not looking back today. To me, the natural thing to do today is to look forward to 2009. Stuff I'm looking forward to, resolutions I'm making to myself, that sort of thing.

So, here goes...

--I will reach my Weight Watchers goal weight this year. And by "this year" I really mean this spring. It's not that much more, and at an easily-achievable 1-lb per week, I should be done more or less by my birthday.

--I will read the entire Bible. I've never really done this before, skipping huge hunks of it and going back to "the good parts" again and again. I even bought a special edition of the Bible to accommodate this goal. I really kinda want this goal to be that I read the Bible every day, but I'm not sure that's realistic as I look ahead to my year.

--Spending even more time with my friends. It's been a long time since I really had friends around me. People that I just adore hanging out with and talking to and never really want to leave. As much as I love my husband, children, home, job ... I have missed having friends. A lot.

--The opening of the Levoy Theatre. This is going to be such an exciting project to watch unfold. I so hope to be in one of the early performances when it reopens.

--Emily turning 10. Yeah....yay! ... and eek!

--My parents and grandparents also hitting birthday milestones (60 and 90). Wow!

--Spending 10-ish days in the Canadian wilderness this August. Living with no cans or bottles, out of two canoes and our backpacks. No phones, no lights, no motorcars...filtering our water, paddling lakes, rivers and streams until we reach a portage, and then carrying everything to the next body of water. Did trips like this twice when I was a kid, and really looking forward to sharing this with Joe and the kids.

--Working with the NJEA Congressional Contact committee to lobby Congress to pass laws in support of teachers, students and education. My first lobbying trip to DC is in early February. It's very exciting and terrifying.

--Achieveing tenure at my job. This will be such a big piece of mental security for me in dismal economic times. Should happen sometime next fall.

--Acting more. And better. And in juicier roles. I'm planning to audition for two shows this year (one comedy and one drama), and hopefully reprise our Christmas show, as well.

--The new Administration and Congress. I remain hopeful and optimistic, as always. But even more so now.

--Attending the NEA-RA in San Diego this July. It's not 100% that I'll be chosen to attend, but I hope I am. It's such a powerful thing to help make decisions that affect teachers and students (and therefore, pretty much everybody) nationwide.

There's more...plus, there's stuff with the kids and with Joe, fo course, but I wanted this to sort of my my own personal checklist and reminder.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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