Better Safe Than Sorry

I kept the computer off yesterday, updating people via iTouch on Facebook and texting some friends and family. So apologizes to anyone whose primary source of contact with me is this blog (is that anyone?).

We're all fine here. The scariest part of the storm was the Tornado Warning from 9-ish until 10-ish Saturday night, and then going to bed around midnight with it really raining and howling outside, wondering what would happen overnight. The worst of the storm in this area was around 2 a.m. apparently.

Irene made landfall not far from here as a low-end level 1 hurricane. I have no idea how bad things got for the barrier island or Shore towns. Here our power flickered a few times but didn't go out. The cable cut out several times, too. The gutters and downspouts did their jobs, but we wound up with some leaking in our garage around our furnace chimney. The yard is a big mess -- leaves and sticks everywhere, even a few alarmingly substantial branches.

Emily was pretty bummed about the power staying on, and I felt a weird sense of disappointment, like missing out on an adventure somehow. We spent several hours playing board games yesterday, by candlelight, even though the power stayed on. It was nice to have had all our activities canceled and just hang out at home with family. I even felt a little duped by the "Storm of the Century" media hype. But, I remembered that I had just commented on someone's status that I'd rather be over-prepared and not need it, than under-prepared with regrets.

So, today it's back to business as usual. I have my classes to prep for and a PowerPoint to finish for some of Joe's classes.

I hope everyone more seriously affected by Irene is safe and restored to normal soon, too!


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