Needing a Fix

I miss the theatre, especially being onstage. Granted, I've only been onstage a few times, but it's like any other sort of adrenaline/epinephrine-based pursuit ... once you've developed any sort of taste for it, you want more and more. Either you hate it or you crave it. I don't think there is any middle of the road.

My last role onstage was in spring of 2010. That's a long time to go without a fix. Sure, I've been involved in theatre in a variety of ways since then -- volunteering for local theatre companies, stage managing two huge musicals, stage managing (for money!) for a murder mystery dinner theatre company. But I haven't been onstage. I've managed to get a few quick "fixes" in the meantime. I acted with Mystic Realms at the Wheaton Arts summer Fantasy Faires and at the Halloween Fest they also hosted. But, there's something about being onstage. The lights, the darkened auditorium, the tight bonding with the other actors throughout the rehearsal and performance period. It's unlike anything else I have any experience with.

The whole family was cast in small roles recently in My Fair Lady, but even in the first week of rehearsals it was readily apparent that the bonding we'd hoped for throughout the summer rehearsal period was quickly going to devolve into painful stress and grief for the entire family. The payoff of performances seemed a small rewards for 6 weeks of family anxiety and upset.

The kids are currently in rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof, Jr., and Joe is still on the fence about auditioning for an upcoming performance of The Sound of Music (I think he should go for it!), but I don't see any theatre of any sort in my personal future, other than my aforementioned part-time stage management gig.

This isn't due to a sudden decline in local theatre. On the contrary, there are three community theatre groups and the college all providing musicals and straight shows galore throughout the year.

No, the problem is time. Because I haven't found a full-time job for this year, I've decided to try to finish my Master's as quickly as possible. I'm taking a full 9-credit course load at Rutgers this coming semester, and anticipate the same for the spring. Taking classes three nights a week from 6-8:40, plus a 45-minute drive each way does not allow for much family time, studying time, reading time, breathing time, let alone rehearsals, memorization, teching, performances. No, theatre is simply not in the stars for at least the next 9 months. Maybe the next year.

Of course, should I land a full-time job in the next week and a half before classes start, I'll take the semester off from school. Then I could consider some acting later in the year perhaps. But I don't see that happening.

*twitch-twitch* I need my acting fix! This year's Halloween event can't come soon enough!


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