• I'm terribly proud of Joe and Emily for getting the parts they wanted in Cumberland Players' production of "Holka Polka."
  • It looks as though getting another septic inspection might be worth the $800 gamble that it turns up different results.
  • Another Snow Day is not another day of fun. It instead means the loss of another day of Spring Break. This makes me sad.
  • Our new mortgage was approved, but if we have substantial septic repairs to pay for out of the proceeds from our home, we will have to go back and get reapproved for a new, smaller-downpayment amount.
  •  I revisit my surgeon today for more sinus scraping and poking. It's exactly as un-fun as it sounds.
  • I need to scrape up $350 to have a weird lump removed from above Sasha's eye. The vet assures me that it's non-threatening, but I'm anxious about it.
  • I liked it when my parents were around twice in February. I miss them.
  • Inverse to logic, it seems like the more I pack, the more there is left to pack.
  • I'm already looking forward to my teacher's union-based trip to Denver in July and my family trip "Out West" in August. Like, a lot.
  • In order to not be sad all the time about leaving our home of 13 years, I've mentally checked out of it and I'm trying to focus on our new house being our home. This has the opposite-of-intended effect when any obstacles to a smooth settlement rear their ugly heads.
  • It's been nice to cook more at home, rather than eating out. Other than one McDonald's meal, we've not dined out since Ash Wednesday. This is a big deal for us.
  • I could really use a massage on or about my birthday (April 21).


Adrienne Martini said...

Provided all goes relatively smoothly - when would be a good time for us to come down this summer? I really want to get the dogs together. And, of course, see all y'all.

Heidi Dugan said...

We have school until quite late in June, because of our many, many snow days. I will be in Denver for a week across the 4th of July (though the family will be home). And, we are all traveling Out West from August 10-30. The middle of July would be good. I still don't know if I'm going to be hired to direct Spamalot. It opens July 25 and runs three weekends. Tech Week would be nuts, but either week between shows would be cool, too.

Yeah, it's going to be one of those summers.

Still, we'd LOVE to have you.