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Well, we've settled things with the sellers of the house. So, it's pretty solid that we will be moving in April. This is our new home:
It's only a couple of miles from here. Two master suites, two additional bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, screened-in porch, eat-in-kitchen, great room, finished basement, awesome backyard:

Our room:
More pictures (all these were taken back in September) are in the various online listings, such as this one.

In the next few days, the buyers will schedule the inspection of our current house (yikes! I don't expect any major issues, but even minor issues can add up). We will continue to pack. A lot of stuff is already boxed up, but since we're still living here, there is a certain amount of stuff we have to have daily access to. We're assessing what furniture we may get rid of and so forth. Lots of purging.

Joe's spring break is next week, and I think we plan to tackle the storage shed, garage and attic...clearing out a bunch of stuff and organizing what's left into move-able units.

In other news, today was supposed to have been the day I'd return to work following my surgery. I'm feeling pretty good, but I won't lie -- it's been nice having some time off. Having a snow day today was an unexpected bonus day off. Tomorrow it's back to teaching computer skills to the kiddos.


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