All Publicity is Good

We had a reporter and photographer from the local Bridgeton News visit our dinner on Sunday. A nice big color photo graced the front page yesterday (above the fold!), accompanied by the following article.

We raised over $2000 at the dinner, due largely to Chinese auction ticket sales and silent auction bids. But, sadly, we had a lot of food left-over at the end of the night. We're working on that.

Not sure how much we're going to give each team member, yet. Three of us are well on our way toward the required $2,200, and three of us have $0 so far. So, I dunno if it'll be an even split or not.

In any case, we have a yard sale coming up this Saturday, a Poker Night on May 9 (we've frozen some beef so we can sell sandwiches as well as make our cut from the pot), we're selling adorable and yummy raspberry-lemonade candles, and we have a (donated) moonbounce we can sell tickets to at the Millville Summer Fest on July 12. With under $600 to go, myself, I'm not worried about making my personal goal. But, we're really trying to work so the whole team benefits and achieves our total team requirement.


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Lisa said...

Great article. Good luck with your sale and other fundraisers!