No News is No News

Random Monday wanderings:

We got a "new" sectional for our family room on Friday. It's really Joe's mom's old one from her rec room. She's moving and isn't moving it. It's in great shape and is a big step up from the old sofa and loveseat we had (which are waiting for nibbles on CraigsList).

Our basement keeps flooding. Not like inches of water across the entire floor or anything, but several gallons each time we use any substantial amount of water (like two showers back-to-back, or a shower and a load of laundry). It has been raining around here quite a lot. 3+ inches just in April. Our water table is usually quite high. I mean, my house is only about 15 feet about sea level. So at this time of year, the very thin, sandy soil is about as saturated as it can get. When we dump a lot of water into our sepctic system, the water already out there in the world pushes back on it. Stuff is draining, sure, but it's sloooow. Very slow. So, water ends up backing up through the large drainpipe in the basement and gushing out the top of the washing machine drain pipe, which is open at the top. It's the lowest point of opening in the house. (Oh, some water seems to be squeezing/dripping in at the wall, as well...which is also worrisome, as we don't know if it's a re-tarring the outer wall problem, or a leak in the pipe problem.)

So I spent $24 at the local laundromat yesterday washing and very-partially-drying all of our laundry (probably about 8 regular laundery loads).

We also went to see a local high school production of Guys and Dolls, visited the local zoo, attended our best family friends daughter's first communion, and saw Joe sings a capella with the group he's in (the Cumberlads, for anyone keeping score at home).

This next weekend the Brownies have "Pirate Camp." I'll be running a raingutter regatta. Woo!


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