Big Day

Been prepping for a few months and especially this past week for our Breast Cancer 3-Day Beef & Beer Dinner.

Today from 3-7 p.m. we will hopefully make tons of money toward our team's fund-raising goals. The "Blister Sisters" have to raise another $8,400 before the event. And as we want to spend the summer focusing on our training ... we want to take care of the money stuff as soon as we can.

Anyway, I'll be spending the day haranguing people into buying Chinese auction tickets and 50-50 tickets. It's all for a good cause, right?



Chris said...

Wow. It seems like you could get a lot of people to come to any event that serves beer for three days.

Heidi said...

Har-de-har! ;)

Adrienne said...

And so how was it....?

Heidi said...

We grossed about $2,100! :) Woo! Not bad, but we'd planned on more people, so we have about 60 lbs of extra beef. Eek! So ... we're going to sell beef sandwiches at a Poker Night planned for May 9. Beef freezes well, right?

And, Adrienne...your stole was a *huge* hit! Lots of people wanted it, and we sold a lot of Chinese auction tickets to people who dumped them all into your item. Woo!

Adrienne said...

Great is my woot and I am happy to contribute to the cause. I'm always afraid that no one will want the handknits.