Christmas Plans

For a couple of years we've talked about taking a vacation for Christmas, rather than the usual traditional family visits. Being academics, we get a lot of time off work, but we have to take it when our various institutions "say" we can take it (Christmas, Spring Break, summer). And, since summer vacation not only means time off, but also No paychecks for me ... well, it's not the best time to throw money at a vacation trip.

So, Christmas it is. December 22 - 29, to be exact.

Yesterday I booked a week-long stay for us at Colonial Williamsburg. I've been there once, some years ago and even then we didn't pay to actually go into the buildings, etc. We're looking forward to giant 18th Century style tavern Christmas dinners, letting the kids experience some hands-on, up-close-and-personal-like American history. We'll visit Williamsburg, itself, of course, and also makes jaunts to Jamestown (this is its 400th Anniversary year), and Yorktown. And, Richmond and Norfolk are each about an hour away.

Likely I'll go into more detail as it draws near, but for now ... I'm just in the excited early planning stages.



Lisa said...

Just curious--will you head from there to the wedding or will we not see you there?

Either way, it sounds like a fun trip.

Heidi said...

We're planning to hit the wedding on the way back. We'll be driving right through there on our way down and back to NJ. Not sure if we're going to get a hotel room for the night of the 29th in the Dulles area. Depends on the wedding/reception times.