Dugan Diversity

Visited the pediatrician today. Nothing extraordinary, just Matthew's annual check-up. Of course, Emily wanted to be involved in the goings-on, as well.

In any case, Dr. Patel is happy with their development. Mackie passed his vision and hearing tests just fine and is in the glow of health.

But, a visit to the doctor's office is never complete without checking the kids' heights and weights. My kids are sometimes two of kind, my eyes, Joe's build ... no one would ever not recognize their family resemblance. But, when it comes to the growth charts ... the differences are readily apparent.

Emily: 48" (8th percentile), and 44 lbs (>3rd percentile)
Matthew: 50.25" (97th percentile) and 57 lbs (90th percentile)


Emily did have a bit of a break-down about it at the very end of the appointment, and it's my fault. When Dr. Patel was running down some basic health questions, he asked about booster seats. The kids both confirmed that they always buckle up and always use a booster. Then I blew it by joking that Em will likely be in a booster seat until she's 12 (they recommend at least 8 years of age and 80 lbs). She pretty much fell apart.

Any tips from anyone about how to help her be comfortable with her diminutive size? This isn't the first time recently she's commented on how she "hates to be short."


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