Recent Outings

So, in the last week, Joe and I met his Mom and her boyfriend, Pete, here to see these guys. They stomped all over these guys. Awwww, too bad, so sad.

I can't say I'm enormously "into" football. But free tickets to a professional sporting event are always well-received around here. We had a blast. It was so much fun. There was an interception run in for a touchdown, a nice long field goal, a seriously long punt by one of my favorite new players (what can I say ... I have a major soft spot for kickers and punters (and hockey goalies and baseball catchers).). But all in all, I don't remember much of the game. I think I'm a touch too ADD or emotionally empathic or something. Because when I'm in a big crowded stadium and there's that rumble of voices, the flash of the Fan-O-Vision/JumboTron, the smell of popcorn and just the general energy of tens of thousands of people ... well, I just have trouble keeping more than 10% of my brain on the game. I do much better with my pause-live-tv to ingest it situation at home.

So, don't ever expect deep sideline insights or play-by-play recaps from me. But, we did have an absolute blast (no pun intended regarding lightning-induced evacuation of the stands which added a pretty exciting touch to the evening).

A couple of days later, we took the kids (along with Joe's mom again, but this time also with Mom's cousin Pauline, who's the best) to this very awesome show at the Spectrum. They did a very nice job bringing in the science while still allowing time for oohing and aahing over extremely impressive and life-like (as far as I'd know) full-size dinosaurs. The climactic appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Rex mama near the end is totally worth the wait. (although I couldn't help chuckling at her puny little forearms, a la Meet the Robinsons). I'm also impressed by the narrator/paleontologist. He does basically a 2-hour monologue. No mean feat, that.

This week it's back to just chilling out at home (particularly in the wet and clammy weather we've been having, I actually made chili and homemade bread yesterday and it was goooood!). Posh family wedding this weekend to look forward to.


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