Mouth of Matthew

Matthew: Mommy, why did you paint your nails?
Myself: For decoration.
Matthew: Oh. You mean, for that ol' wedding? [Joe's cousin is getting married tomorrow. Matthew is obviously continuing his affectation 'that ol' preceding nearly everything.]
Myself: [taking the teachable-moment opportunity] Matthew, what is a wedding?
Matthew: It's when you find a husband or a wife and you get married.
Myself: Is that all? What else?
Matthew: Well ... when you're gonna be with someone a long time and live with them and get babies.
Myself: Anything else?
Matthew: It's when you're never gonna have to be alone.

Even if he never learns another thing about making relationships work, I think he's going to be just fine. Thus endeth your Warm Fuzzy™ for today.


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Chris said...

Nice. Save that little gem for his prom date.