You Did It!

Your generosity has just amazed me! Through the donations of friends, family and outright strangers, my required $2,200 donation toward the Breast Cancer 3-Day has been met! I'm going to be allowed to walk in the event in October (yikes!).

I was lucky. I didn't have to host any giant mega-fundraising events or sell half my attic on eBay to come up with the money.

No, it was thanks to you (and many other people who never come to this blog)! I appreciate it an awful lot.

Now, it's just up to me to complete my training miles, continue to prepare my gear and strengthen my body for the challenge of the event, itself.



ps. I raised my "goal" to $2,500 in case anyone stumbles upon my site. Don't want anyone to feel that their contribution toward eradicating breast cancer was unnecessary or unappreciated. But, $2,200 is my required donation commitment.

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Kristin said...

congratulations! good luck with the rest of your training. I know you'll do great!