As Promised

Well, Ulead still isn't capturing audio, which I don't fathom as it's always worked before. But, I used Windows Movie Maker (ugh!) and then converted into Divx, but then it didn't work right again, so I'm back to a WMV file, which I hope works here. *whew*

To preface, we arrived at 12:30pm which we thought was 1/2-hr early for a 1pm game. Well, we had our weeks wrong. The game actually started at 11am, and we barely made it in time. Matthew got to play for about 10 game minutes of the 4th quarter (He's a B-teamer, so he probably would only have played that much even had we been there the whole time. His team lost 20-0. Ouch.). Still Matthew had some good action, making some nice blocks and getting a kickoff "return."

He's #54 in the orange jersey. I have trouble finding him in some of the plays, so don't feel bad if you have no idea where he is. I think the highlight is the post-game interview. ;)

Hope this works.


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Chris said...

"We got snacks."


"I get to tackle people."