Coming Soon...

I'm going to post a bunch of new pictures as soon as I have a few minutes to minimally PhotoShop them (you know, cropping and brightening).

And ... dun-dun-duuunnnnn ... video, too!

I am working on capturing all the video currently on my camcorder. I've actually done it three times, now, but for some reason the playback has no audio. It's time-consuming and frustrating, and I'm rapidly running out of troubleshooting ideas.

So, hopefully when I get home today I can quickly get some photos posted and then work on editing down some quickie video clips (some of this stuff dates back a couple of years as I don't use my camcorder all that often. I mostly forget it exists. What I really want is to show the last-weekend footage of Matthew playing football).

So, wait thee with breath bated for the upcoming multimedia bonanza.


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