Brainstorming Challenge #1

OK, put on your thinking caps for this one and really ... if you're a lurker or a seldom responder or whatever, please post some ideas for me. :)

Due to a shipping error at a famous Mouse-iconed company yesterday, we received this wig despite not ordering it. (We also received this bizarre-looking costume, but that's another ball of wax.) I called and explained their error, and they ultimately told me to keep them or donate them.

So ... we're looking for Halloween costume ideas for Emily involving a red wig. Thoughts? Ideas? Inspirations?




Lisa said...

Emma says: Ariel.
Todd says: Wendy (as in the hamburger chain)
I say: Pippi Longstocking

We eventually realized the costume was Sebastian, but that certainly is bizarre. Perhaps they have to send them randomly to people in order to get rid of them?

Kristin said...

besides Lisa's suggestions, you could do Batgirl or Dark Phoenix from the comic books. Another suggestion is Leeloo from the 5th Element.

Heidi said...

Mom Schierer says Raggedy Ann
Joe suggested Mary Jane Watson
Emily thought of Daphne
I mentioned some sort of interesting/non-specific fall fairy type thing or Firestar form the old Spidey Friends show.
Then Em also thought of Ginger from Gilligan's Island.

Anything else????

Lisa said...

Emma was Daphne year before last. I found an XL purple sleeveless shirt on clearance (in the misses section), and we used a scarf to make a belt. I found something green for her hair, and she wore tights and a turtleneck under the shirt.

I found a list of fictional redheads for you: http://www.redandproud.com/famous%20redheads%20Fictional%20A-L.htm

Kristin said...

Ginny Weasley just occurred to me.

mike weber/fairportfan said...

Okay, it'a almost a year late - may i suggest that Pibgorn (to whose adventures i see a link in your sidebar) might be possible?