Tired and Sore

6:30 a.m. -- alarm went off, got up, got dressed, drank a SlimFast shake, filled water bottles, applied BodyGlide, filled fanny pack with various paraphernalia.

7:00 a.m. -- began this walk, with Sasha.

9:30 a.m. -- returned home, took bathroom break, dropped off Sasha, refilled one water bottle, left fanny pack, mixed new iPod 4mph playlist, reapplied BodyGlide, changed socks.

10:00 a.m. -- began this route, just me and my iPod

12:10 p.m. -- returned home, collapsed on the floor, Emily removed my shoes, stretched for about ten minutes, blogged it


ps. 15 miles more tomorrow.


Chris said...

Keep it up Sis!

Adrienne said...

How did this not kill you? ;)

I can't imagine walking that twice ...

Heidi said...

Well, according to the 24-week Training Schedule I was "supposed to" (har-har) walk 15 miles today. I managed 6.5 (and frankly, the walking did help my legs loosen up until they stopped aching). Now I have a blister on my left heel, and area which has plagued me since I started training back in April.

Even a year ago, it would have killed me.

Lisa said...

I had been wondering how Sunday went for you. The fact that you got out two days in a row is awesome, even if you didn't do what you'd originally planned.

I asked Todd what he does with repetitive blisters. His method is to drain them, as he feels they form a callous faster that way. Of course, he's not doing long distances two days in a row, but he does run nearly every day.

Lisa said...

As I was out walking this morning, I wondered how you determine a song belongs on the 4mph mix?

Heidi said...

I bought and downloaded Beatunes (www.beatunes.com) with works with iTunes and calculates the beats per minute of your songs. I found on a website somewhere that 112-134 bpm is about 3mph and 120-140 bpm is about 4mph. It comes out about right for me. When I walk my 6.6 mile route with the 4mph playlist, I finish in just about an hour and a half.