And I Thought NJ's Jug-handles Were a Pain

Stumbled Upon this site of the world's wildest intersections. I can't say I've visited any of them, and after taking a look at this convoluted system in Moscow, I'm glad of it. To make a turn from Rosanov Street left onto the adjacent Khoroshev Street, you have to do all of this:I can just imagine how Google Maps would run through it. Or one of those car GPS systems. "Turn left in ten yards. No, not that left, dummy. Now you have to turn right and make a U-turn and then turn right again, and then turn left after one-tenth of a mile and then go in reverse for twelve feet, hop over the curb, continue down a flight of stairs, past a fruit vendor and then hang a left onto the street you should have gone onto in the first place."


ps. Google Map's version:

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