You've Got Meme

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  1. Chi-Chi's bus-girl

  2. Project Director at a major Pittsburgh ad agency

  3. Elementary school teacher

  4. Sports card sorter
Four movies I've watched more than once: (only 4???? So hard!)

  1. High Fidelity

  2. The Princess Bride

  3. Monty Python's The Holy Grail

  4. The Untouchables
Four places I have lived:
  1. West Philadelphia ("born and raised ...." yep, Will Smith's neighborhood)

  2. Glasgow, Scotland

  3. Norfolk, Virginia

  4. Pittsburgh, PA
Four T.V. Shows that I watch:
  1. Doctor Who

  2. NCIS

  3. The Family Guy

  4. The Daily Show

Four favorite past time activities:

  1. Knitting

  2. Surfing the 'Net

  3. Reading

  4. Scrapbooking
Four places I have been:
  1. Portugal

  2. Sequoia National Park

  3. the Dominican Republic

  4. Devil's Tower, Wyoming
Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
  1. Dana

  2. Rene

  3. Ray

  4. Steve
Four of my favorite foods:
  1. Shrimp

  2. Tiramisu

  3. Filet with bleu cheese

  4. Homemade bread
Four places I would rather be right now:
  1. My mom-in-law's place in the Poconos

  2. Camping somewhere with fall foliage

  3. Edinburgh, Scotland

  4. Cazenovia, NY
Four things I am looking forward to this year (in 2008):
  1. Joe making big strides on his PhD

  2. Paying off some debt

  3. Planning a cool summer vacation (maybe)

  4. Joe's mom's wedding
Four things that I like to do on the weekends:
  1. Visit family

  2. Hang out with Joe (TV, computer games, movies)

  3. Family Game Night

  4. Cheer Matthew in football


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