I did it! I walked it. The whole thing. 60 miles around and through Philadelphia.

I'll have tons of pictures, comments and details eventually. It's a little weird coming back to real life. I heard a quote on NPR about troops returning from Iraq and it totally applies to how I feel right now. "Being there was hard, but very simple. You did what you were told -- what you had to do. Life at home is easy, but very complicated." I feel kind of overwhelmed, to say the least.

Anyway, sneak preview... stay tuned for stories about Yellow Car Lady, The Odd Couple, swamp ass (sorry mom, but that's what everyone called it), 3-Day Rash, PB&J graham crackers, Crazy Flag Guy, the wonderful support of families along our route, the bizarre natural phenomenon of walking 20 miles in and around Philadelphia ALL uphill, the bliss of a lawn sprinkler across a sidewalk, and naturally ... lots of pictures.

Finally, this was (roughly) our route on Day Two. I can't do the same for days one and three, because I'm just not as familiar with the Philly suburbs as I am with the City, itself. This is from memory and is bound to be inaccurate in places. But it's darn close. And the mileage came out right, so I'm going to go with it. Click in to zoom around and see more detail. We hit a lot of Philly's highlights all in one day.


ps. Thinking of doing the Washington DC walk next year. Depends on what my friends and I work out for teams and scheduling. Not going to join the same team as last year, except maybe for my friend Jen, with whom I did pretty much the whole walk.

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