Costume Ideas?

OK, every year for the past four or five, I've dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween. And for school, I'll probably do the same thing again this year. It was kind of a no-brainer costume for us. I mean, Joe has long black robes for commencement, anyway. Mom knitted us a red and gold scarf, we bought a red and gold striped tie. I wear my glasses instead of contacts. A little lip liner scar later ... et voila!

Anyway, we're going to our friends' house for a Halloween party following trick-or-treating and I don't want to wear the same costume I wore last year (the Harry Potter). I also don't want to go out and buy or rent a costume. I like to make them myself, preferably at minimal cost and sewing effort (though I am willing to spend some and/or sew some).

Joe went last year as Agent Smith (though people not inaccurately guessed "Secret Service Agent" and "Man in Black). I don't know if he'll do the same thing this year.

Emily is going as a rather complicated robot (not using the red wig at all, so I guess I could). And Matthew is going to be a prince (a selection largely made on the basis of being allowed to carry a sword). So we won't be going for a "family theme" costume.

Thoughts? Ideas?


Quick update: one convoluted phone call later ... Joe is going to wear his tux and go as the Phantom of the Opera.


Lisa said...

to make it a 'couple' costume, you could go as another main character from an Andrew Lloyd Webber concoction.

The last Halloween party we went to, Todd and I went as a couple who couldn't attend. I'm trying to convince him we should go to the party we're invited to this year as Masters and Johnson, but he's not an easy sell on that.

I saw someone in a costume last year that was the Charlie Brown ghost with too many holes cut into it.

Heidi said...

Heh ... Emily said I should go as the Charlie Brown ghost.

Adrienne said...

I'm all for the Charlie Brown ghost. Maybe with a red wig?

Heidi said...

I could go as Charlie Brown's mysterious Little Red-Haired girl. (but I don't think most people would get it)

The kids are also pushing for me to go as Mary Poppins.

Chris said...

You could use the red wig and go as "Heat Miser".

Chris said...

How about Sydney Bristow aka ALIAS (also good for the red hair)?