Packed and Ready

My walking training peaked a few weeks ago before school started. I frankly haven't had enough time to get in a lot of miles recently.

But, ready or not ... here comes the 3-Day!

Last night I packed. I have 5 gallon-sized Ziplock bags labelled Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Evening Misc, Cold/Wet. And some smaller bags with toiletries, etc. My fanny pack is stocked with sunblock, my camera, Bodyglide, lip SPF stick, my credentials lanyard. My clothes to wear up tomorrow night are laid out on my dresser.

I crammed my sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, spare shoes, etc. all into a duffel bag and strapped (not bungeed! My goodness, the safety warnings against bungee cords were everywhere in the paperwork I've received!) to the top of the duffel.

And, it's all under the 35 lb proscribed weight limit.

Still, I can't help feeling more than moderately unprepared for this. I can't help thinking I've forgotten something crucial. Granted, I get that feeling before every trip I take. But, this is unlike any other trip I've ever taken.

Tomorrow I load my bag in the van, pick up my friend Dana and head up to meet up with 2 of my teammates. We'll continue up to Willow Grove, PA to stay overnight. We leave the hotel by 5:30am to head over for Opening Ceremonies on Friday. After walking 22+ miles on Friday, we camp (I'm thinking it's in Fairmount Park. They don't announce the route ahead of time, but mention neighborhoods we'll pass through, and I can't think of anyplace else big enough in that area.). Saturday we walk all through Philadelphia proper, about 21 miles, returning to the same camp site. On Sunday, we head south, down the Main Line west of the city. The Closing Ceremonies start at 5pm in Ellis Preserve in Newtown Square.

Joe can reach me via cell in case of emergency, so don't think I'm unreachable if anything happens. Pray for cool dry weather (so far the forecast looks promising, if even a bit warm). Pray for my feet.

Thanks for your support! (for further "Supporter" info, look here)



Adrienne said...

Walk on with pride, you walker you! Such a cool thing to do for a such a great cause.

Kristin said...

Good Luck! we'll be thinking about you!

Lisa said...

We'll be sending good 'foot and leg' and 'no blister' vibes your way! Have a great time!