Every Dollar Counts

Just manned (womaned?) a moonbounce for several hours at Millville's SummerFest/Chili Cook-off. Made about $100 for the Breast Cancer 3-Day, and the second shift will go for a nother few hours yet, so we'll see. Yay, Team Blister Sisters!

I'm pretty close to my goal, but I'm working to help my teammates make their $2,200 commitment, too. I sure don't want to walk without them.

Anyway, that was my morning. This evening we're taking Emily's best friend with us to a minor league ballgame. Summer time! Yeah!


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Celeste said...

Best of luck to you in your fundraising and training!

As event season approaches, I wanted to invite you to join the official Breast Cancer 3-Day Flickr group, YouTube channel, Facebook fan page and/or MySpace page to share photos, videos and stories of the event.