A Little of This and That

I positively adore pop-up books (not as much as this guy). I have several for Christmas-time that I bring down and dust off and peruse with the kids every December. Now, I want to get ABC 3-D, too.

This is a clever puzzle concept I haven't seen before. You can compensate for toppling blocks and get them to rebalance. Clever!

Some of this list seems like something horrible a penthouse mom (a la The Nanny Diaries which I've just finished re-reading) would instruct her nanny to do. I mean, really? Five ways to frustrate your preschooler in one quick (but seemingly endless) afternoon.

I think every one of my 8th graders last year must have memorized this website. When I asked them to bring in self-written poems to practice formatting them in Word, you should have seen what they came up with.

Can I just say how much I miss bubblewrap? Damn Amazon and their giant manufactured bags of air.

And, because there are never enough math-based comics.


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