It's Done!

The slideshow for my grandma's 80th birthday is finally finished!

Why the relief? It's been a long haul.

About 5-6 hours of scanning. Then I don't know how many hours of assembling the slideshow...20? Then creating a family tree graphic. Say, 1-2 hours. Then putting it together with music, another 1-2 hours.

Then the fun began.

It refused to render properly. The entire 13-minute show looked great, except for the family tree. It blinked on for a second and then there was 13 seconds of black screen. Again and again and again, regardless of what sort of video file I was attempting to create. Finally, I created a separate 13-second video of just the family tree, and inserted that into the complete slideshow file. Then I finally I rendered the entire video file.

And it refused to burn properly onto the DVD. *sigh* My DVD burner has been taking its time deciding whether or not it's going to die for some time now. Lately it's been working great, so I hadn't yet installed the new burner I bought. Well, last night it was time.

So, after updating my Nero software and installing the new burner (1 hr more), I finally burned a bunch of DVDs for the party guests this Saturday and an additional one to play at the party*.

Now I have to get them to the Post Office and off to my mom in time for the party this Saturday.


* And it was fassssst, so fast. I'm loving my new software and burner. Makes me want to just burn DVDs all day long.

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Lisa said...

But, in the end, it was AWESOME and much loved by the party guests!