Everything Old is New Again (and knitting stuff)

My kids had never once ever seen the Yip-Yips before today. Needless to say this was a serious oversight on my part. Now remedied.

This episode in particular got all four of us rolling with laughter. Mooo-OOOOO-ooooo! I know it's pretty early for such things, but I think I have them half-convinced that Yip-Yips would make the greatest ever Halloween costumes.

Once I finish knitting the various scarves* I'm working on (my small summer not-too-sweaty-on-my-lap projects), I may whip up a few of these for the various smallish children in my life. What's not to love? And I eventually mean to pay for this pattern and make these for every little girl I know out of all the beautiful scrap yarns I have.

But first I have to make a nice set of these Jayne hats for my sis-in-law and brother's DragonCon trip. Once I go buy the perfect yarns for them, anyway.

I other news I'm trying (sort of half-heartedly, unfortunately) to lose back some of the weight I'd lost and found again. Been walking in training for this year's 3-day. But have to get back to watching what goes into my mouth in a more conscious way. Nothing anyone really wants to hear about, I'm sure. But something on my mind nonetheless.

Finally. I've gotten kind of good at whipping up bizarre and slightly-realistic creatures in Spore's Creature Creator software. My favorites would have to be my Donkesaurus and maybe my Girafftypus. Sorry for the tiny images, but that's how the Sporepedia online stores them.

Well, it's tomorrow now. I've been waiting for Joe to decide to go to bed. He said it was too late to start another episode of Firefly when we finished (re-)watching the pilot at 11:30. But now he's most of the way through Tarzan (the Disney animated one), so ... so much for too late. Now it's early, instead.

I intend to get the DC pics off the cameras tomorrow before Wizard of Oz rehearsals, so hopefully I'll have some cleaned up and ready for posting somewhere soon. For now, G'night!


* Namely this one three times in different colorways and this one because I happen to have the perfect yarn for it. And also a set of these because I rarely make anything that I myself can keep and use.

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