Off to Target

I know it shouldn't bring me as much joy as it does, but I just love going to Target. Their quirky design-oriented housewares, their peppy red and white circles, even that ridiculously Photoshopped dog. Target makes me happy. And ours having opened less than a year ago is still all new and fresh (although, I'm not sure I've ever been to a tired, grungy or worn-out Target ... KMart and WalMart seem to go downhill more quickly, and ours in Millville are both ancient and depressing).

I'm not even shopping for anything all that exciting like cute sandals or all new bed linens or adorable baby stuff. I need a new toilet brush, Matthew needs larger underwear, and I may or may not find an appropriate shower curtain.* A few odd grocery items are also on the list ("butter" spray, lemon juice and heavy cream).


* In order to play down the absolute late 70s baby blue tiles and fixtures, I painted the bathroom a nice latte brown color about 6 months ago. The only shower curtain I could find with the right combination of blue and brown is covered with snowmen. Yet, it rather unseasonably still hangs in the bathroom. I have yet to find a neutrally-seasoned curtain in the right colors, and haven't yet mustered up the will to shop for fabric and make one.

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