I'm a Lobbyist!

Last night I attended my first Congressional Contact Committee meeting for the NJEA. I'm the representative for Cumberland County. This means I'll be getting in touch with our Representative -- NJ Congressional District 2-LoBiondo (R) -- and our Senators -- Frank Lautenberg (D) and Robert Menendez (D), regarding education issues.

Yep, I'm a lobbyist! Woo!

So, eventually, once I have half a clue ... I'll be making lobbying trips to DC and hosting receptions and events for the Congressmen. Well, way eventually. There are some seriously senior members in my district, so I'll watch and learn for quite some time, yet.

I need to do more reading on No Child Left Behind (always acronymed "NCLB" in ed circles), Charter Schools, etc. I need to become more informed on the appropriate issues.

In the meantime, I've written a lovely letter of introduction to the Honorable Frank LoBiondo's office. Maybe he'll send me tickets to the inauguration.

If not, apparently tickets to the Congressional Swearing In are generally abundant.

How do people get time off of teaching for these sorts of things, anyway??? Guess I'll have to start figuring that out.


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