Nearly Done

aka ... Honestly, I'm not a Freak, Part II

Almost done with my Christmas shopping, which feels awesome. I have to buy for my brand-new baby nephew, (mostly because nobody knew if it was a neice or a nephew until last week). I have to buy for Joe's mom and Pete (mostly because nobody ever knows what to get for them, but I finally got an idea when I was at their new house over the weekend), and I have to buy stocking stuffers for the family (mostly because I like to wait until relatively late to do those, to accomodate those little last-minute-fighting-the-crowd-is-fun-when-it's-not-for-any-real-presents urges I get). I also have two Secret Santa gifts to buy for work (mostly because I never, ever in a million years have any ideas for that sort of thing. Honestly, everyone else's creativity and inspiration impress me to no end when it comes to that sort of thing. I just wind up feeling like a doofus).

Joe and I ordered my present the other day. I should be getting it today. Yippee! Not telling, for now. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it in some sort of detail at some point. Joe's present is in the works. He's going to LOVE it. And, he does actually every now and then wander through here, so that's it for the details for now.
Ought to get knitting on some things and give those as gifts. Lately, I've only wanted to try to make and felt some wool slippers for myself. Just frogged a nearly done slipper last night when I didn't like how it was going. Probably casting on with a new pattern tonight. We'll see...

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Adrienne said...

Again, and I say this with love: freak.