Today's To-Dos

So, there's a lot of stuff to do before this weekend. My current To-Do list looks like this:

* Type up and e-mail in my meeting minutes for the NJEA Congressional Contact Committee
* Arrange for a babysitter for Wednesday's county-wide union meeting
* Print and email the invitations to our annual Christmas Cookie Exchange party
* Create, type up and print lesson plans through December
* Browse around and check out the Create-a-Graph website and figure out if I can use it with my students
* Pull out my old (like, five or six years ago) Thanksgiving plan and timetable and revise it for this year
* Come up with my Thanksgiving grocery shopping list
* Start addressing Christmas card envelopes
* Practice the trumpet at least twice (I'm playing in my school's Christmas concert with the advanced band)

Plus, both vehicles need their oil changed, Matthew may or may not be done with football for the year (I'm waiting for a call back from the coach about whether they won their playoff game last Saturday while we were at Mom Dugan's wedding), and we have laundry and unpacking to do from the weekend. And, I'm working backstage for the Off-Broad Street Players' Thursday-Sunday's performances of "Hello, Dolly!"

Then there's the regular round of Cub Scouts, piano practice, Girl Scouts, Joe's classes.

Add to that the enormous box of hand-me-down Legos that Matthew received over the weekend ... the box whose contents are now strewn willy-nilly all over his room. Let's just say there's some bedrooms clean in all of our futures. They seem to be the rooms of the house I find hardest to keep clean and tidy.

There may be a mental health day in my future this week, depending on how the start of the week unfolds...


ps. In other news, my teammates have finished raising money to meet their 2008 Breast Cancer 3-Day goals. Wooo! Thanks to all for their support. Now we'll have to see about 2009....*sigh*.


Barbara said...

Lot's of things pending in your to-do list for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Heidi said...

Yes, definitely! We're big on early holiday prepping, then sitting back and enjoying the holidays. We decorate for Christmas every year on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, and our annual party is the very next Saturday.