It's a Good Thing, Right?

Well, since I didn't get a call today, it seems I didn't get the last teaching job I had a shot at. I sent out about 15 resumes, got 3 interviews, 1 second interview. But, apparently, no job out of it.

I'm actually kind of pleased about it. More than I thought I'd be. I really like where I am, and who I'm currently working with. I even like that it's part-time. My principal is fair and decent and has gone out of her way for me (getting my formerly grant-based-therefore-ephemeral position into the actual budget and even expanding it by 175%). It's just not the same kind of money as full-time, obviously. Want to do more to help us get ahead.

Likely there will be another round of job openings in early August (the ads have dwindled away to nothing over the past couple of weeks). So, it's not a sure thing, yet.

But I'm actually relieved. I was really not looking forward to making the decision between a decent-paying part-time job with colleagues and administration I like at a school I know to a crummy-paying but full-time job at an unknown school with unknown people (plus the new school is beginning a "looping" program this year ... the 1st grade teachers will move up through 3rd or 4th grade with their cohort of students then loop back down to 1st grade for a new batch ... neat idea, but means learning a whole new curriculum each year until the loop repeats). So, it seems it's out of my hands for the time being.



Lisa said...

I know what you mean about relief at keeping the status quo. Making a change without any sense that it's definitely the right direction is scary.


Anonymous said...

What? Didn't you like you coworkers from last year??? It seemed as though you did.

Heidi said...

I loved all my coworkers from last year. That's what I meant when I said I didn't want to step into the unknown to leave such a good thing. But, for the good of my family I feel as though I have to look for something full-time if it's out there.

Heidi said...

And, may I know to whom I'm speaking? :)