McKean Visit, II

Today we started packing to go home tomorrow. I'm ready. The kids would stay another month, I think. But, they don't realize a month-long visit wouldn't be as jam-packed with meals out and activities as a week-long visit is.

Where'd I leave off?

Well, I forgot to mention one of the "highlights" of the earlier part of the trip. Namely, Emily threw up a few times the first night we got here. Then the next morning as we ran our errands, we noticed the Krispy Kreme light was on. Free doughnuts! Well, Mom and Matthew got free doughnuts. About 5 seconds after we walked in, Emily spewed breakfast (and grape juice ... eeew!) all over the floor and entry-way rug. I don't think they want us to return any time soon.

Monday we putzed around in the garden and then ran over to Home Depot for some things Dad needed. We hit a matinee of Surf's Up! And it was quite funny. I think the mockumentary style made it. Otherwise, it would've been just another goofy penguin movie.

We'd been looking forward to Tuesday ... a SeaWolves double-header. And family Buck Night. 75-cent hotdogs, etc. Nice! Well, except for the weather. We spent an hour in the car waiting for the rain to stop, so they'd maybe start the game. When it fizzled out, we headed over to the stadium. We got some ballpark-style dinner, and then they announced they were cancelling both games. Bummer! Worked with Dad (watched, really) on our picnic table he's making for us. Dad and I saw the dual passage of the ISS and STS-117. They were very bright (at least as bright as Jupiter, at the moment) and about two finger-widths apart. Very nice display. I like this site for checking on when you can see satellites pass overhead.

So, we went back to the ballpark last night for a new double-header. And it was Baseball BINGO night. Each time the SeaWolves were batting, there was a code for each possible outcome. Right fielder flies out -- B9, Catcher singles -- G53, etc. I was playing 9 cards, and got exactly 0 BINGOs, even between two games! Matthew did get a nice shot on the "Jumbotron" screen, boogying to some song between innings. :) The SeaWolves and the Altoona Curve split the double-header.

Today we're already mostly packed up. I think we're going to take the kids for a round of mini-golf. Mom and Dad have a high school reunion planning meeting tonight. Other than that, I think it's a good day to veg. Long drive tomorrow.


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Lisa said...

I love that mini golf place by your parents. Remember that time we got the whole family to go?

Hope the drive goes well today.