Nice Agenda

The plan for the day:

6am - workout on the stationary bike while watching a back episode of Lost
6:45am - prep for work, drink SlimFast shake, prod kids
7:55am - leave for work
8:30-11:30am - work (if you can call it that at this point in the year)
noon - arrive home, have lunch, walk Sasha
1pm - see Ocean's Thirteen (pretty good! Complex enough to see again)
3:45pm - meet schoolbus
4:15pm - swimming pool!
5:30pm - hotdogs on the grill (Matthew's birthday dinner selection)
6:30pm - walk to the corner ice cream joint
7:30pm - ready the kids for reading time
8pm - Joe begins SupCom fest
8:30pm - lights out, time for me to watch whatever I want on TV. Woo!


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