Life Update

Things are rolling right into summer-mode at Chez Dugan (inside joke from the Reunion ... when someone asked me how "Dugan" could possibly be mispronounced, I filled them in. Most commonly, there's "Duggan," but far more interesting is the French-accented method, rhyming roughly with Rodin.)
  • Joe is partway into his first Summer Term (more than halfway actually). He teaches Mondays and Wednesdays 8am-3pm. He'll have a week off for 4th of July then start up again Mondays and Wednesdays 11am-7pm.

  • He's also beginning rehearsals for a local community theatre production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. He's in the chorus, one of "Gaston's Cronies." Should be fun!

  • The kids last day of school is next Wednesday, but they already have well more than one foot out the door. I have to go to work one more day after that, but pretty much stop teaching tomorrow.

  • The pool is open, a relatively civilized temperature (71-72*), and sparkling clean.

  • Matthew turns 6 tomorrow. 6! My baby boy. He's into airplanes (the Millville Airshow was a big hit this year with him), trains (still), pretty much anything with an engine that moves. We're going kind of Blue Angels-themed with our gifts and cake this year, but he's not having an official kids-from-school sort of birthday party. We're having family over for cake and ice cream, and then heading to the Ocean City Boardwalk for Mack & Manco pizza and rides.

  • Our yard actually looks green and lush right now (the dry late-summer browning is coming starting in July). We've had flowers blooming straight through since late February/early March. In order ... crocus, mini daffodils, regular daffodils, tulips, double tulips, pussy willows, forsythia, pieris, weeping cherry, ornamental pear, crabapple, violets, vinca, lilacs, ornamental almond, azaleas, dame's rocket, rhododendrons, antique-style bush roses, spirea ... soon to come are the day lilies and butterfly bushes ... then after that not much. Guess I need to get some late summer/early fall flowers that like shade and drought. (yeah, good luck!)

Guess that's it for now. Back to clearing out my shelves and filing cabinets for the summer break.


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