Jerky Delights

I just have to take a moment this morning to send you on a mission. If you like beef jerky (and, really, who doesn't?) ... get thee to your local Target store.

We're big fans of dried meat products here at Chez Dugan. Truly. I've even been known to splurge on more exotic turkey jerky and buffalo jerky as Christmas stocking stuffers for Joe. Sadly, beef jerky itself is a splurge. I don't know why a packet weighing under 4 ounces has to cost five or six bucks.

So imagine my delight when I ventured down the snackfoods aisle of my local Target store and discovered their own "Market Pantry" brand of beef jerky for less than $3 a packet! "You get what you pay for," I thought, but bought some anyway to try it out. And, it's quite good. Some bits are the more traditional leathery tough jerky, but some are moister, thicker strips. Quite wonderful.

It's now one of our weekly Doctor-Who-watching-with-Seth staple snacks. Yum!


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