Seeking Donations

All right, just about anyone who knows me already knows I'll be hitting them up (if I haven't already) for monetary donations in support of my repeat-walking the Breast Cancer 3-Day this October.

What you may or may not know is that I'm currently seeking actual donated items/gift certificates/gift baskets/autographed loot/etc. for use in a silent auction at the big Beef & Beer dinner my team is hosting in late April.

The Philadelphia Eagles donated a 75th Anniversary of the Eagles Donovan McNabb autographed football (wooo!) and that inspired me to randomly e-mail celebrities in search of donations. I was giddy with power! In any case, Bobby Flay's people and the Charm City Cakes people both declined.

So, if you know anyone famous. Or know anyone who might know anyone famous. Or know anyone...ad infinitum...please pass the word.

Or, if you just happen to want to put together something for us to silent auction, it would be most appreciated. I'm really hoping to get a local car dealer to give us a one-year car lease or something. Or to get a big TV. Looking for something big-ticket to catch people's attention.



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