This is So True

Stolen openly from Television Without Pity's TWoPlopedia:

A-Team, Implied Combat Rules of
  1. The A-Team must be given ample lead time to create complex perimeter defenses and unorthodox traps.
  2. When employing vehicles, enemies are requested to secure open-top Jeeps so B.A. can pull them out easily and dramatically. All vehicles should be light enough to flip over when running over landmines.
  3. The A-Team must give combatants the opportunity to stop bothering the townspeople, impoverished ranch owner, or whistleblower before fighting begins. Hannibal (but only Hannibal) is allowed to fire a warning shot, but only in the air.
  4. When combat begins, one or more enemies are required to hide behind thin wood doors or walls so B.A. can smash through them and grab 'em. Positive consideration should be given to those who pick rooms with both thin walls and large multi-paned windows.
  5. The first combatant to encounter B.A. is allowed one free punch before he's tossed out a window.
  6. Machine gun fire must track 1.5 feet behind and to the left of the target.
  7. Grenades must land 5 feet behind the enemy so they can be launched into the air when it explodes.
  8. Murdock is to be left in reserve in case things go poorly and if called for should enter the scene dramatically and employ wacky methods.
  9. Enemy henchmen should feel free to run away, but the ringleader is not -- the memory of the A-Team's fighting prowess keeps the gangs from reforming.


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