Whooosh, the Weekend's Over

Some weekends go by faster than others. This one flew by. It was OK, though, I guess. We did a lot of good stuff.

Saturday morning we sort of chilled out a bit. I distributed cookies for two Saturday cookie booths around the area the night before. So I just had to get one more booth set up and checked out on Saturday morning. Then I got my own cases of cookies together and headed to the mall. We had a very cushy (and successful) cookie booth at Boscov's. Indoor cookie sales! Yeah! We sold 111 boxes of cookies in two hours. Wooo!

After the booth, I came home and recounted all the cookies and money I received from the morning's cookie booths. And from our own cookie booth. It took me a couple of hours to get everything tallied up and finished. Then the fourth of Saturday's booths check in. Another half an hour to tally up that one. Then a couple of moms came over to pick up cookies for Sunday cookie booths.

So, all told ... Saturday was pretty much swept up in dealing with cookies. Oh, and I made a giant pot of bean soup. Yum!

Sunday I just wasn't in the mood to go to church. I know that's a terrible thing to do. But, Saturday was so busy and I felt like we had to do a bunch of stuff and that I just didn't want to yank a few hours out of my morning right off the bat. Not a good plan, I know, but ...well. It's done now.

So, I went to Home Depot and got supplies for a Cub Scout project. Dropped the dog off to be groomed. Bought some new hiking shoes. $15. Yay! I bought some stuff at the Five-Below store. They had the coolest bin of novelty type socks for only a dollar. ("Can't go wrong for a dollar," as Jim Kiley used to say.) I bought way too many pairs. But fun socks are a treat I have trouble resisting.

Groceries at BJs (I avoided the food sample lady. Whew!). Then back to pick up the dog. I had fun watching her get all brushed out and combed. She was SUCH a good doggy. I was so proud to have the best-behaved dog in the joint.

Back home and we vegged awhile before our friends came over at 4. We went with them to a fundraising dinner, leaving all the kids with a sitter. Back to our house for pinochle. (Yeah, we live the high-life, I tell ya. We're pinochle fiends.)

In other news, Joe and I are quite hooked on 30 Rock lately. With the dearth of non-reality programming since the writers went on strike, we've been downloading other shows we never really watched the first time around. We have all the past episodes of 30 Rock and have just finished the first season. The show is brilliant. We regularly laugh out loud and skip back to re-watch bits. Who knew Alec Baldwin was capable of such comedic timing. And Tina Fey is just amazing. I'd love to have lunch with her. Except she already just about makes me pee, just watching her. I can't imagine how funny she is in person.

Actually got up at 6 this morning with no alarm clock mishaps or bad dreams. Even worked out before I headed to school. So far, the week is good.


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