Site Dump

Stumbled Upon this site, and found it rather amusing. Not sure if I'd be amused or kind of ticked off to receive one of these missives. Hard to say.

Also found this shirt which would be perfect for my brother.

Finally, because there are never enough math cartoons out there in circulation.



ps. Our free time and movie going is about to diminish radically (this week we've seen National Treasure 2, I am Legend, Sweeney Todd, and Charlie Wilson's War -- fun, excellent and creepy, excellent and really bloody and just plain excellent). We get the kids back from Grandma and Grandpa's house tomorrow.


Chris said...

So now you've got me wondering if the designer of the shirt was a Canon-geek or if those icons are universal.

Heidi said...

I guess you could browse other camera sites for product images, or just e-mail the T-shirt site. :)