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So, there's not really a bunch of exciting stuff going on to blog about, but sometimes even the ordinary can be moderately interesting. Or at least I'll keep telling myself that.

This week on the calendar (besides work and school, or in my case (and Joe's) work at school) includes the following ...

Sunday - a Parents Meeting for Brownies. This was ostensibly to go over the upcoming Cookie Sale and get some ideas for the spring calendar. We were also supposed to go over the guidelines and policy changes.

Monday - I dashed out first thing in the morning to run over to LabCorp. It's always refreshing to have someone draw blood from your arm before you've even had a chance to eat anything. And before the sun's even up. Kind of makes those phlebotomist/vampire analogies all the more obvious. Monday night was Cub Scouts. Joe was available to come, so I convinced him to basically run the whole meeting. He did a great job with my Tiger Cub den. The boys earned their Mathematics beltloop. Fun! I only had my four die-hard scouts there -- (I kid you not) Matthew D., Matthew K., Matthew W., and Dylan.

Tuesday - I spent an hour browsing through the local Goodwill, and came away with 8 fabulous designer shirts and 2 skirts for about $30. Although now I'm trying on the shirts in less of a rush, and they seem a bit tight across the chest. Ick. Joe says they're OK, but I don't like them for work. Maybe in another 10 pounds. Then I had a meeting at church. I'm the secretary of the Board of Trustees (oooh, aaah) of the preschool. It should have been quick and simple, but it seems the staff is getting disgruntled and gossipy (again) and we're having to deal with immature and snipey complaints. Ick. So I got home just in time to scarf down tacos (thanks, Joe!) with the family, before Joe and Emily left for her community chorale practice. I typed up Board meeting minutes and hung up my "new" clothes.

Wednesday - Wednesday we had to go to Emily's Piano Party at 5pm. Her piano teacher used to have big recitals wat the end of the year (way before Emily started taking lessons), and found he wound up with way to many kids getting panicky and vomiting. So, every three months or so, he gets all the students together to play a few songs each for each other and share some snacks. He picks a composer each time and each student reads a fact. Then he usually plays a DVD of someone astounding playing something by said composer. It's casual and kind of fun. Only it wasn't on Wednesday. They're always on Wednesday. Em's been taking lessons for three years, and they're always on Wednesday. Except this week. We showed up at 5, and he told us it was moved to Thursday night. He'd forgotten to tell us, since Em missed her lesson last week while she was away at Grandma and Grandpa's. So, back home to make dinner (which was a very yummy honey-mustard glazed chicken).

Tonight - The aforementioned piano party is now tonight. I left my plate of chocolate chip cookies last night, so I just have to get the kids and myself there on-time. Then I have a Girl Scout Community Cookie Training Meeting at 6:30. In between, I have to whisk the kids to my friend Dana's house. We'll eat some pizza together and then take off for the meeting, while her nephew babysits the assorted kiddos. We have to go pick up the other troop leader and get to our meeting. (I'm not a troop leader, but I'm am reprising my role as the troop Cookie Mom. Since we've added girls to the troop, it will be substantially more cases of cookies than last year.) This is all complicated a bit by the resumption of Joe's Ph.D. classes tonight. He'll be home around 10pm.

Friday - I have my "annual" (read: when I've waited long enough that they will no longer phone-in sinusitis antibiotics for my when I fall ill each fall) physical (hence the bloodwork last Monday). I expect everything to be OK. In fact, as I'm 30+ pounds lighter than my last physical, they should be quite pleased. I'm hoping my cholesterol is still good. Joe will be picking the kids up from school about 15 minutes early to whisk them both to the Arts of the Dance studio. We're going to see if Matthew likes tap. So, he's going to meet half an hour with the instructor before the 4:30 class starts. Also, I asked a coworker to bring her family over for dinner tomorrow night, but their bi-weekly synagogue has been rescheduled for then, so we'll have to try another time.

Saturday - I'm hoping to get up and go to my early morning Weight Watchers meeting. I haven't been to a meeting since at least Thanksgiving. And it's not good. The scale is creeping. At first I didn't go because I thought I had a handle on finishing my weight loss on my own. Then I didn't go because early Saturdfay mornings is a rough time. Then I didn't go because it was the holidays and life got busier and more sleepless (making Saturday mornings an even rougher time). Then I just got ashamed of going back and weighin in with an additional 5-7 pounds on the scale. I'm back down to the additional 5, rather than the additional 7. And I need to get refocused. So, I really oughta return to the routine. My resolution is to hit goal by my birthday (April 21).

Upcoming - It looks like I'll be starting a full-time teaching schedule starting Tuesday after Martin Luther King Day. YAY! This us huge. Huger than this tiny mention at the bottom of a post really warrants. Stow Creek School will be hiring me full-time and sort of leasing me out four afternoons a week to a neighboring district. It's incredib;y flattering to be wanted this much by my principal. And it's very exciting to be getting full-time pay and benefits without the headaches involved in being back in my own classroom full-time.


Also, I need to clean out the garage to make room for cookies. The upstairs bathroom needs more than a lick and a promise. And, my fridge is getting a little bit strange inside. I have to do a dumping out weird containers of stuff session and scrub all the shelves (I wonder if they'll go in my dishwasher). Plus, I need another triup to Goodwill. This time for pants and jeans. And maybe more skirts. I kind of like skirts, lately, though freezing to death during recess duty haskind of shelved them for a few months.

I never know how to end this sort of post. It's a sort of "That's All Folks" sort of feeling. But I always feel like the writing should build to something, some sort of nifty and clever circular closure harkening back to my first or second paragraph. But, frankly, I got nothin'. I hope your own lives are scheduled and not overscheduled. Mine's walking that line right in between, atleast until Joe's spring semester starts on the 22nd.


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