Whoa, I Feel Old

An old boyfriend just sent me an interesting e-mail. Though, I think it's wonderful that he sent this and am always pleased to hear from him, the message was quite a surprise.

I went through some old stuff with my mom this
Christmas and came across this old love note
from you -- interestingly, 20 years ago to the
day. God I'm old.

Just thought you might enjoy the stroll down
memory lane. Four pages of JPGs attached.

Hope the holidays treated you well. All the
best in the new year.

And the letter ... well, I'm not going to post it here. But ... 20 years ago? Writing about how much I loved a guy and what I loved about him (I actually made a list of fifty specific things in the letter). I'm so awfully old.

And the stuff I was writing ... *blush* ... let's just say I'm going to advise my own kids never to put anything potentially embarrassing or incriminating down in writing. Ever.


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