Christmas Prep (again)

This week my pre-Christmas goals include getting the Christmas cards ready to mail, and decorating the house (including the outside lights and the tree). Also, the Thanksgiving activities will obviously factor in.

But each of those is a multi-step process.

Cards -- I have the fronts of the cards made, but now they have to be glued to the blank cards, themselves. Next I'll divide the addressees into categories, those receiving school pictures of the kids, those receiving the family Christmas letter, etc. Then I have to print out the address list and address the envelopes. Then I'll actually start writing in the cards and stuffing the envelopes. Looks like my next several nights of TV watching will be multitasking events.

Decorating -- I started this morning by taking down all the Halloween/fall decorations. After school I'll pack them all up. Tonight Joe and I are making trips up and down from the attic, putting the fall stuff away and staging all the Christmas stuff in the garage. Joe's hoping to hang the outdoor lights tomorrow morning, but I don't think the weather is expected to cooperate. This Saturday or Sunday we'll get the tree and do the inside of the house. Our tradition is to do all that the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but we know Matthew has a playoff football game this weekend, we just don't know which day.

Thanksgiving -- Wednesday night after Joe's last class (roughly 9pm), we'll drive up to Joe's mom's. Thanksgiving morning we'll rise bright and early for Joe to participate in the last-ever Turkey Bowl football game (his mom is selling her house before next fall). I'll watch the Macy's parade and help with food and table-setting, etc. We may or may not staty over on Thursday night, as well. I've coordinated two different friends to let Sasha in and out at home. Friday morning we're going to get some household stuff done that we never got to this fall, like completing a section of stockade fence, and building some Christmas yard decorations. Friday afternoon is a football practice, Friday evening, the kids are participating in the 1-mile Holly Jolly Fun Run. And then there's the annual Millville holiday parade that night. Em's supposed to be in it with the Brownies, but Matthew will just sit and watch with us.

Joe and I got out an old whiteboard last night to scribble down notes for everything that's going on for this week and next. *whew!*


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