My Links, II

Two related links ... Design Town and Woot. Each sells only one item per day, usually at a significantly discounted price.

The distinction? Design Town is all about funky and innovative design. Form doesn't follow function. It's all about form, itself, baby. One item per day until it's gone. I've never purchased from them, but love the neat stuff they carry.

Whereas, Woot is all about tech stuff (well, except on the days they're selling wine). TVs, blender, Roombas, mp3 players, computers, etc. They intro a new item each day and when they sell out, they're done for the day. If you happen to stumble about a Woot-off, they'll have a bunch of stuff for sale, one item at a time. When they run out of the first, they introduce another, for a day or two. Watch for the yellow blinking lights. I've gotten deals on cordless phones, RAM, and harddrives, myself.


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