It's Here!

Christmas Tree Day!

Setting: Christmas tree farm less than a mile from our house. Cold, clear day.
Props: Heavy coats, work gloves for dad, crosscut saw, yards and yards of clothesline rope, dusty old green Army blanket, one-handled wagon

Mom (gesturing): How about this one?
Dad (raises arm above his head, reaching nowhere near the top of indicated tree): Too tall.
Mom: This one?
Dad (again measuring with his arm): No way. (Gesturing nearby) How about this one?
Mom: (ignores Dad) Oh, I see one over there. (takes off at a brisk walk)
Dad (hefts wagon over bumpy lanes): Oh-kay...
Kids (running amuck, pointing to wildly inappropriately-sized trees): Wheeeeeeeee! This one! This one! No, this one!
Mom (now next to the "perfect" tree roughly seventeen acres from the last one): This one?
Dad: Maybe. (measures) Yeah, this one's good. (begins to get saw off wagon)
Mom (walking around the tree): Oh, no. Never mind. There's a big hole on the back.
Dad: We'll put that side in the corner.
Mom: No, there's a much better one over there (points back to where they'd started).
Kids (running at full-tilt back toward the original area): Wheeeeeeeee! This one! This one!
Mom (indicating Dad's original tree): I like this one.
Dad: Good work, honey. (gets saw)
Kids (dancing around the tree Maypole-style): Wheeeeeeeee! This one! This one!

Lights. Curtain.

Christmas Tree 2006


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