Shop 'Til Ya Drop

Today is Shop-a-Rama day for me. Woooo! (actually, there are better ways I can think of to spend my afternoon and evening, but I'm trying to stay upbeat)

Right after I get out of work (2 p.m.), I'm flying low to BJs and Acme for food for our Christmas Party this weekend. I have to be home by not-quite 4 to meet the schoolbus.

After dinner, I'm jetting off to Deptford (the nearest mall of size), about 45 minutes away. I'm shopping for holiday clothes. I have a cute black cocktail-type dress (that has never fit before!) for the Philly Pops concert. But, I need something little less sparkly-glam, definitely longer, but still wonderful to wear to the big Yule Feast at Williamsburg and to a family wedding on December 29.

I'm thinking lots and lots of velvet. One can only hope. Joe has pretty much let me loose. Wish me luck! Trying on dresses can be so rewarding, but also so frustrating.


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