"Vacation" Day

But it'll be even busier than a regular day. And we don't even "Black Friday."

Planning to blow the leaves out of the yard, buy some plywood and start making some ornamental Christmas lawn deer (I bought the plans about 6 years ago), finish hanging the outdoor Christmas lights. And that's all before 4pm. Then it's Matthew's football practice from 4-6, the kids are in the 1-mile Holly Jolly Fun Run at 6:30, and the annual Millville Christmas Parade (Woooo! I love a parade!) is at 7pm.

And there will be much wearing-of-layers today since the high (windchill) will be around 35* and as soon as the sun goes down, it's dropping to around 26*.


Update: Well, we bought the plywood, got way-overdue haircuts for the guys, picked up supplies for three separate Craft Nights throughout the season, and blew the leaves in the yard. Then it was time for football practice, the Fun Run (Em's time was 10 minutes and Matthew came in at 11:45 for the 1-mile run). We came home and made the first craft. We whipped up a couple dozen of them in no time, and they're cute! Tomorrow Matthew has a playoff football game at 11 a.m. and then hopefully we'll finish hanging the outside lights. Sunday is the big decorating day! Woo!


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