Happy Thanksgiving!

It's the calm before the storm, and lest I break my NaBloPoMo streak, I thought I should post as early as possible.

We're at Joe's mom's house, got in last night around 10:30. Joe's still asleep. So is Pete. Mom is out...an early mass, I think. The kids just got up and are watching Sesame Street and eating bananas. I seem to still be running a fever (that's 48+ hours at 100-101 degrees, now). My head's a bit congested, but otherwise, frankly, I feel completely fine.


The Turkey Bowl gang are likely all stil at Mal's Diner (except for Joe). They'll be here, soon. And with a goodly amount of rain in the past 24 hours ... it's going to be an especially muddy year. They'll stay until roughly noon.

By which time the dinner prep will be in full swing. I'm making green bean casserole. Yum! I'm not sure who all is eating dinner here. I know at some point in the day we'll see Theresa and Miranda, Mom's friend Peggy; John, Jen & Kaitlyn. That might be it.

Here's a picture from Turkey Bowl 2005. I was intending to get some last-minute prints made and uploaded the whole album to Wal-Mart, rather than Picasa as I usually do. Otherwise, I'd have a small slideshow of muddy pictures for you.


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