Football Sunday

Matthew's last regular season game is today at 1pm and the Eagles play at 1, too. Unfortunately, both are expected to be washouts.

Update later.

. . . . . . .

Matthew's team lost 31-0. Ouch. (the other team was undefeated, so no big surprise) We're recording the Eagles game to watch later, but I peeked and Philly is winning in the 4th quarter. (surprise!) Matthew's team made the playoffs. We play again Thanksgiving weekend.

In other news, we made an ER run this morning. Matthew was complaining that his back hurt. When I looked, he had a dime-sized dark, dark bruise surrounded by red inflamed swelling area. In the middle, a tiny tick. *sigh* The pediatrician on call at our clinic was noncommittal and seemed not to understand that the bruise was present before we removed the tick. And the area was super-sensitive to the touch. We saved the tick in a baggie.

So the ER doc said it's at least cellulitis, and that the tick is a shade too big to be a deer tick. "A shade"??? In any case, the treatment would be pretty much the same. He's on amoxycillin for 10 days. Our discharge paperwork says to watch for fever, chills, soreness, etc. Both for the cellulitis and for Lyme's disease.

Never a dull moment.



Lisa said...

One time Chris and I had been out behind Grandma's following a deer trail. A couple days later I had a rash on my leg, but no tick. (it wasn't fungal either). Anyway, the doctor was concerned enough about where I'd been and the bullseye pattern of the redness to put me on meds. I haven't thought about lyme disease much since we moved out here (we don't have that much of a problem with it compared to the East Coast, we worry about West Nile mosquitoes instead).

Is the bullseye (sp?) rash still a key sign (granted I could google this but I figure you've already hit the main sites already).

Heidi said...

The rash occurs in many, but not all cases. It usually takes 3-30 days to develop.